Each week Apple offers a mix of original Movies, TV Shows and Gaming experiences available across all your screens - allowing you to pick-up where you left off. Here's our run down of what to add to your Up Next queue and gaming backlogs this weekend.


Apple TV+ | 8 episodes | TV-14

All Jason and Nikki want is a baby, but it's the one thing they just cant have. So, they decide to adopt. Starring Esther Smith and Rafe Spall this BBC produced British comedy follows Jason and Nikki as they juggle their dysfunctional friends, screwball family members and chaotic lives. What will the adoption panel make of them? Are they ready to be parents?    


Apple TV+ | S1, E8 - 13 | TV-G

Seven new episodes arrive this week. The haunted neighborhood bookstore continues to release ficitonal characters into the real world in this reboot of the classic 90's kids show.  

Defending Jacob

Apple TV+ | S1, E4 | 48 mins | TV-14

Episode four of Apple's highly rated drama starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martel. Titled "Damage Control” the latest episode sees Andy take matters into his own hands while Laurie reexamines the life she knew.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On!

Apple TV+ | S1, E2 | 5 mins | TV-G

The second in the series of shorts from Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock - "The Cave of the Silly Creatures" sees Uncle Travlling Matt uses a Doozertube to share his latest exciting adventure in Outer Space.

Helpsters: Help You

Apple TV+ | S1, E2 | 2 mins | TV-Y

How to Be a Helpster” is the second short from Sesame Workshop. Cody loves to help but gets interrupted by Mr. Primm who by asking Cody for help, helps Cody!


Apple Arcade | Adventure | 9 +

From Atmos Games comes 'Neverlong'. A platform adventure where you control Peet as he wakes from a coma, in search of his girlfriend who is nowhere to be found. Investigate the screams coming from the heart of Neverwood, the increasingly bizarre behavior of the zombie grownups, and the strange truth about Peet’s past in this hauntingly dreamlike fable. From Red Wind Field to the haunting halls of Blackfork Asylum, explore six moody, illustrative levels.

Apple Arcade Updates:

Exit the Gungeon

Apple Arcade | Action | 12 +

Devolver Digital's bullet hell dungeron climber receives its latest update this week adding many new options while rebalancing the games combo mechanics, weapons and items. Now is the perfect time to revisit this panic inducing Apple Arcade hit!