In a surprise to many, battleship drama "Greyhound" will now premiere on Apple TV+ after the previously scheduled Sony Pictures theatrical release became the latest to be scrapped amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Written by and starring Tom Hanks, "Greyhound" will be the first project by the multi-award winner to premiere via a streaming service.

The rights to "Greyhound" are part of a reported deal with Sony Pictures in the region of $70 million for 15 years of streaming rights, marking the single biggest commitment to a feature film by the company and a statement of intent seen across the movie industry.

Tom Hank's association with Apple TV+ may publicly begin with "Greyhound" but his relationship with the company began last year. The upcoming Hanks/Spielberg project "Masters of the Air" - a follow up to HBO's "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" -  began pre-production in 2019 and will be the very first fully in-house production by Apple.

Apple have yet to announce a premiere date for "Greyhound", however speculation is rife that it will soon come to the streaming service given the gap in the release schedule left by the shut-down of countless TV+ productions.

You can watch the trailer  for the PG-13 rated action/drama below.

"Greyhound" is based on the novel "The Good Shepherd" by C.S. Forester and will be the third WWII film of Tom Hanks career, following "A League of Their Own" and "Saving Private Ryan".