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Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry

Apple TV+ | 2 hrs 20 min | R

The much anticipated documentary focusing on the rise of a teenage icon is now available to watch on Apple TV+. Award-winning filmaker R.J. Cutler follows Billie Eilish's journey on the road, onstage, and at home with her family as the writing and recording of her debut album changes her life. Our review of the incredible music documentary can be found here.

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E8 | 43 min | TV-MA

After eight episodes the season finale of Losing Alice is upon us. The events that ended the filming of Room 209 are revealed as Alice and David prepare for its film festival premiere.  


Apple TV+ | S2, E10 | 27 min | TV-14

'You cannot put a fire out' marks a sad farewell to season 2 of Alena Smith's wonderful comedy/drama centered around the life of Emily Dickinson. While the whole town attends the christening of Jane's baby, Emily fights to get her poems back from Sam.


Apple TV+ | S2, E7 | 29 min | TV-MA

Whilst last week's episode likely asked more questions than it answered, 'Marino' does not guarantee answers as last weeks tragedy raises more questions about Leanne. Uncle George's presence in the house creates a problem for the Turners. This week's episode is directed by Nimrod Antal (Bear, Cricket).

For All Mankind

Apple TV+ | S2, E2 | 56 min | TV-14

Ronald D. Moore's masterful alt-history space-race drama continues after a nerve-racking season premiere. Margo must lead a seemingly impossible mission. Danielle wants to return to the moon and Gordo grapples with his life on Earth.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

Golden Globes

NBC | Feb 28th | Unrated

The 78th Annual Golden Globes are upon us. As usual the show will be broadcast live on NBC but this year we will also be hosting a watch-along on YouTube as we give our live reactions to the evenings results following four nominations for Apple TV+ content; Best Motion Picture, Animated Motion Picture– “Wolfwalkers,” Best Television Series Musical or Comedy – “Ted Lasso,” Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In An Motion Picture – Bill Murray in “On The Rocks” and Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy Series – Jason Sudeikis in “Ted Lasso.”


Apple TV App | 1 hr 55 min | PG-13

A surefire contender for best picture at this years Academy Awards this tender and sweeping story about Americana follows a Korean-American family after they move to an Arkansas farm in search of the American dream. Directed and written by Lee Isaac Chung, this A24 drama has received heaps of praise and shows the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home.

Tom & Jerry: The Movie

HBO Max | 1 hr 41 min | PG

Tom & Jerry reprise their decades old rivalry in New York City's finest hotel on the eve of "the wedding of the century," forcing the events planner to hire Tom to get rid of him. This blend of classic animation and live action is available through the end of the month on HBO Max and in theatres and stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney and comedian Ken Jeong.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Hulu | 2 hr 10 min | Not Rated

Billie Holiday spent much of her life adored by fans but in the 1940's the U.S. government targeted Holiday in an effort to racialize the war on drugs, ultimatley aiming to stop her performing her ballad "Strange Fruit." Andra Day stars as Holiday in the latest The United States vs. Hulu special feature.

Paramount+ Launch

March 4th | $9.99 per month

CBS All Access is rebranding to Paramount+ on March 4th launching with a "mountain of catalogue content" with 36 new original shows promised in 2021 and 30,000 total hours of television from CBS, MTV, Showtime, BET and other networks, including news and NFL content. It will also host 2,500 existing movies, new scripted shows, tie-in series to Paramount movies 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Grease,' an animated movie featuring 'Beavis and Butt-head,' and a revival of 'Frasier.' Keep an eye on for the full slate of Paramount+ launch day content as and when its made available.

Apple Arcade Updates:

Please check back later for this week's Apple Arcade updates.

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

For All Mankind

Apple TV+ | S2, E1 | 56 min | TV-14

'Every Little Thing' marks the return of Ronald D. Moore's crtically acclaimed alt-history space-race drama. We rejoin the story eight years later in 1983 where technology and lunar exploration have taken huge strides. Whilst competition between the USA and the Soviet Union intensifies, it's space itself that threatens the astronauts on Jamesown. Do check out this week's special features for a video timeline bridging the gap between 1975-1982 with news reports documenting the alternate-history that transpired between seasons.

Our latest podcast previews the season ahead with Zac Hall (Space Explored) and the creative team behind the series.

Survival Z

Apple Arcade | Action | 9+

This week's Apple Arcade release from Ember Entertainment is a fun mix of roguelike and tower defense. Set in a post apocalyptic world where zombies dominate the landscape, your goal is to save as many people as you can whilst exterminating the undead the roam the 50 levels available. You've never seen a more gorgouse post apocalyptic world!

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E7 | 55 min | TV-MA

'The Scene' is the latest episode from the Israeli thriller which sees Alice attempt to maintain her professionalism when directing an intense love scene between David and Sophie. A slow, brooding build-up to next week's finale.


Apple TV+ | S2, E9 | 32 min | TV-14

'I Like a Look of Agony' is the comedy's penultimate episode for season 2. Austin distracts himself from the pain of life by throwing a tea party. Conflict broods within the family business as a major political event unfolds and print media shows its ugly side. Don't forget to watch Alena Smith on Resistence, this week's extra where Dickinson's creator recounts the writers inspired by the events leading to America's Civil War in 1861.


Apple TV+ | S2, E6 | 25 min | TV-MA

More than a shot of caffeine, 'Espresso' is yet another masterful example of my favourite show currently airing on Apple TV+. Directed by Isabella Eklöf (Border, Let the Right One In), the latest episode sees an unexpected visitor push everyone to their limits as Sean re-examines his past and Dorothy attempts to negotiate a delicate exchange.

Ted Lasso Extras | Unrated

Apple's for your consideration team have made a number of question and answer sessions available following an unprecedented number nominations for Apple TV+ original comedy 'Ted Lasso'. SAG members have two easy votes to cast: Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Jason Sudeikis.

Other Apple TV Highlights:


Hulu | 1 hr 47 min | R

Chloé Zhao’s beautifully empathic Oscar-tipped feature follows a sixtysomething woman who doesn’t seem to stay in one place for to long. Tired of her old life and living off the grid. Featuring breathtaking cinematography and a captivating performance from Francis McDormant alongside real life Nomads, there’s a documentary like quality to this very observant film about an America the mainstream have lost sight of.

It's A Sin

HBO Max | S1 | TV-MA

Set over the course of a decade 1981-1991, this limited British mini series from Russell T Davies follows five friends whose lives are tested as they grow up in the shadow of AIDS. Incredibly well written and beautifully acted by a fully LGBT cast.

I Care a Lot

Netflix | 1 hr 59 min | R

Hillariously vicious from the outset, Rosemary Pike stars in the J Blakeson written and directed dark comedy thriller as somewhat of a grifter who has built a small-time empire out of convincing the state to make her the legal guardian of individuals who supposedly aren't capable of looking after themselves anymore when many are. Also starring Peter Dinklage. Highly recommended.

The Muppet Show

Disney+ | S1-5 | TV-PG

All five seasons of The Muppet Show which ran from 1976 to 1981 are now available to watch. Featuring Jim Henson’s most famous creations, each episode is packed full of daft sketches, exuberant songs and an exhausting list of A-list stars. This is more than a trip down memory lane, this is a mastery in entertainment and not just a mastery of the puppets entertaining.

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

For All Mankind: Time Capsule

App Store | iOS | Entertainment | 9+

Built using Apple's ARKit framework, 'For All Mankind: Time Capsule' bridges the ten year gap between season 1 and next week's season 2 debut of the alt-history space-race Apple original drama series from Ron Moore. The first TV+ AR experience comes from the perspective of a teenage Danny Stevens, the son of astronauts Tracy and Gordo Stevens in the series.

The app lets users interact with virtual objects (including an Apple II) and is full to the brim with little easter-eggs for fans of the show. Users with the latest iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max can experience additional content in the app that relies on LiDAR sensors available on those devices.

Apple Fitness+ (Heart Month Challenge)

Fitness App | Apple Watch & Apple Fitness+ Required

Apple Fitness+ celebrates its three month anniversary this weekend. It's a service I have only really just begun to dip my toe into and I am already starting to see the benefits. Apple Watch users that enjoy collecting the timed limited edition awards can get their 2021 Heart Month Challenge reward by earning 60 minutes on their exercise ring on valentines day.


Apple TV+ | S2, E5 | 27 min | TV-MA

'Cake' is this week's episode of the Tony Basgallop thriller directed by Lisa Brühlmann. Following a ransom note, the Turners scramble to prepare for a pivitol meeting. As a bonus for this week M.Night Shyamalan took part in an insightful hour-long AMA earlier this week which can be viewed on YouTube.

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E6 | 49 min | TV-MA

As the bodies begin to pile up and filming is set to begin, Alice can't shake her suspicion that Sophie's script is based on actual events she's trying to hide. 'The Bad Reader' sees the Israeli thriller crawl to a devastating end with the series finale set for next week.


Apple TV+ | S2, E8 | 32 min | TV-14

'I'm Nobody! Who are you?' sees Emily Dickinson's poem published on the front page of the Springfield Republican, but she is shocked to discover that despite new found fame she has become invisible to the world and in return gives us a deeper look into that world surrounding her.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

Black Art: In the Absence of Light

HBO Max | 1 hr 25 min | PG

Inspired by the work of the late artist David Driskell, this original HBO documentary explores the contributions of the world's leading African American artists to contemporary art today. From Theaster Gates and Kerry James Marshall to Faith Ringgold, Amy Sherald and many more, the film highlights the cultural contribution of the pioneering works of these great artists.

Dead Pigs

Mubi | 2 hrs 3 min | R

Cathy Yan's dramady mixes colourful characters and tales of corruption and class-disperity through several stories inspired by true events including an incident in which thousands of pig carcasses were found in the Huangpu River. This 2018 film may predate 'Birds of Prey' but it shows Yan's famed stylisation is not confined to big studio budget.

Judas And The Black Messiah

HBO Max | 2 hrs 5 min | R

In Shaka King’s historical drama, multi-award nominated Daniel Kaluuya plays the radical leader Fred Hampton, with Lakeith Stanfield as the informer who betrayed him at the commands of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The awards contender streams for a limited time until March 14th.

Saint Maud

Epix | 1 hr 24 min | R

This british horror follows a reclusive young nurse whose impressionable demeanour causes her to pursue a pious path of Christian devotion after an obscure trauma. Now charged with the hospice care of Amanda, a retired dancer ravaged by cancer, Maud's faith quickly inspires an obsessive conviction that she must save her ward's soul from eternal damnation, whatever the cost.

Last week's recipient of the British Independent Film Award for Best Cinematography was originally set to release on iTunes (I had a pre-order) but will now enjoy one month of exclusivity on Epix - the Apple channel currently offers a 7 day free trial.

Apple Arcade Updates:

In a week that sadly sees no new Apple Arcade titles there are lots and lots of updates. Charrua Soccer celebrates it's 1 year anniversary giving players a chance of unlocking characters they may have missed throughout the year through March 14th. Lego Brawls celebrates 10 years of Ninjago with exclusive anniversary content. A new update to Manifold Garden adds an improved photo mode, a colourblind mode and improved stability on Apple TV HD.

Other updates of note include Crossy Road Castle's new 'The Great Treehouse' tower with unlockables and challenges, Red Reign's introduction of new maps 'The Dread Swamp' and 'The Mud Pit', Slash Quest with its new mini games and gamepad customisation, more puzzle levels and mini stages for Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes and a new bonus chapter for A Fold Apart with the introduction of the games latest character: Her Royal Majesty, Princess Maggie Pupperpants!

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

The Snoopy Show

Apple TV+ | S1 | TV-G

The Peanuts gang have been a mainstay since Apple TV+ launched at the end of 2019, adding a host of new and familiar specials. The Snoopy Show continues where the most recent holiday specials left off, presenting a collection of six twenty-three minute episodes which hold all the charm of Charles M. Schulz original comic strip illustrations. You can read our review of the latest Peanuts outing here.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Apple TV+ | 25 min | TV-G

One week before the big day, Apple have restored the Peanuts 1975 classic in 4K, adding the short to an every expanding Apple TV+ library. "It's Valentine's Day and hearts are mostly fluttering. Charlie Brown is waiting for his valentines to start rolling in and Linus buys a present for his teacher Miss Othmar - which Sally mistakes as a gift from her Sweet Babboo."


Apple Arcade | Puzzle | 4+

In this new Apple Arcade release with unique mechanics from Lykkegaard Europe - the creators of Arcade hit tint.! - you need to use lights, mirrors and lenses to solve puzzles, unlocking and restore amusing cinematics as you go and unravelling the mystery of a famed inventor. I'm just a few hours into 'lumen'. myself and I'm enjoying it immensly thanks to it's learning curb that will satisfy both novice and experienced gamers alike.


Apple TV+ | S2, E7 | 27 min | TV-14

'Forever - is composed of Nows,' is the latest episode from the Peabody 30 2019 award winner and follows Emily as she worries that she may have blown her shot at publication leading her to spiral into depression. Her mother attempts to help her with a trip to the water cure.

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E5 | 48 min | TV-MA

After successfully casting Sophie the chemistry between herself and David begin to cause problems at home. New revelations cause Alice to dig deeper in to Sophie's life.


Apple TV+ | S2, E4 | 34 min | TV-MA

With M. Night Shyamalan back in the directors chair for '2:00', we join Dorothy, Sean and Julian as they welcome a new guest to the house. Unfortunatley for that guest Dorothy turns to some bold tactics in order to get what she wants.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

NFL App, CBS All Access App, CBS Sports App | Feb 7

Live from a socially distanced Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs face 10 time Super Bowl participant Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. This years half-time show is one Im personally excited to see and comes from Canadian R'N'B sensation The Weeknd with the singer/songwriter promising something a Super Bowl auadience has never seen before. Super Bowl LV kicks off Sunday, February 7 at 6:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm CT / 3:30 pm PT with official pre-game coverage starting at 2:30 pm ET / 1:30 pm CT / 11:30 am PT.

Malcolm & Marie

Netflix | 1 hr 46 min | R

As a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from his movie premiere, smoldering tensions and painful revelations push them toward a romantic reckoning. Emmy winner Zendaya and Golden Globe nominee John David Washington deliver career-best performances in this mesmerising two-hander that ruminates on love, life and art. The latest film from Sam Levinson.

Life in a Day 2020

YouTube | Feb 6 | 1 hr 27 min | Unrated

On July 25 of last year 340,000 amateur filmmakers from 192 countries, submitted parts of their lives for this poignant documentary. A follow up to 2010's film,the 87 min runtime captures a portrait of one day in a year that saw a global pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and political division. A microcosm of 2020 through many lenses that capture a single 24-hour period, from love and loss, birth and death, triumph and tragedy, sorrow and happiness. From Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott.

The Go-Go's

TV app, Showtime | 1 hr 37 min | Unrated

Tying with 'Beastie Boys Story' for Best Music Documentary at last years Critics Choice Documentary Awards, Alison Ellwood takes a look at the darker side of The Go-Go's breezy fun-girl peppy pop that had the band ride the first wave of MTV stardom. A fascinating story about the first all-girl group in the U.S. to have a No. 1 record playing its own instruments and writing its own songs.

There Is No “I” in Threesome

HBO Max |  Feb 11 | R

This new New-Zealand based documentary has one of the most enticing titles we're likely to see this year and captures a couple who who enter into a pre-marriage polyamorous relationship. Less about love and sexuality and more about vulnerability, trust and perception, watch out for hilarious reactions from friends and family as-well-as a head-spinning twist.

Apple Arcade Updates:

This week's Apple Arcade updates are plentiful starting with a new updat to action platformer Fallen Knight titled 'Galahad's Path' which includes a newly added 'Boss Rush Mode' along with a new playable character, Galahad. Spire Blast has added the ability to mute music and sound effects, fixed minor bugs including the unlocking of achievments and dramatically reduced the size of the game (now a 1/5 of its original size). Alba fixed a crash related to iCloud whilst NUTS has added additional tutorials for first time forest researchers. Lastly Rayman Mini see's the return of Mr. Dark who will give you contracts in any game mode in order to complete your in-game collection!

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

Chinese New Year - Nian

Apple YouTube | 12 min | Unrated

When I woke today I was greated by a pleasant yet unexpected surprise. A 12 minute short reimagining a Chinese New Year legend as a contemporary coming-of-age story. Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max, directed by Lulu Wang and created by the team behind the Golden Globe nominated film, 'The Farewell'. Truly awe-inspiring, I for one can't wait to see more collaborations between Apple, Lulu Wang and her team.  


Apple TV+ | 1 hr 50 min | R

Directed by Fisher Stevens and written by Cheryl Guerriero. Palmer is the latest take on a tried and tested redemption story as a former college football star, now an ex-convict, starts to mentor a young boy. Starring Justin Timberlake, Ryder Allan Alisha Wainwright, June Squibb, and Juno Temple. You can read our review of the latest Apple Original feature here.

Populus Run

Apple Arcade | Action | 9+

This week's Apple Arcade release sees you control a crowd of people in an uncoventional running game where you must dodge giant fast food, slide down pipes like at a waterpark and battle food themed battle rappers. Whilst that all may sound insane, Populus Run is a thoroughly polished game with great pacing and sound design (headphones highly recommended).


Apple TV+ | S2, E6 | 29 min | TV-14

'Split in the lark' is yet another fantastic title for the latest episode of Alena Smith's Dickinson. Things don't go as planned when Emily tries to express her gratitude to Sam during a night at the opera which leads to other goose-bump inducing possibilities.

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E4 | 48 min | TV-MA

Following the debut of the internationally acclaimed erotic thriller, latest episode 'The Obsession' sees Alice auditioning actresses for her lead role. After believing she has found the perfect candidate - Sophie makes a surprising move.


Apple TV+ | S2, E3 | 29 min | TV-MA

Following contact with Leanne, the Turners open a family business as a front for a more important mission in 'Pizza'. The latest episode from Servant's second season is directed by Ishana Shyamalan who you will immediately recognise as M.Night's daughter. Don't be fooled, this is a strong first showing with a humerous premise.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival App | Various

The first film festival of 2021 really has crept up on us, hasn't it? It's also the first time that the annual Sundance Film Festival is going virtual. Whilst the first run of many of its screenings have already sold out, I have it on good authority that more virtual screening tickets will be released so download the app and set notifications to on. Personal highlights include Siân Heder's 'CODA', 'Censor' from Welsh director Prano Bailey-Bond, Ben Wheatley's 'In the Earth' and 'On the Count of Three' from comedian/director Jerrod Carmichael.

The Little Things

HBO Max | 2 hrs 7 min | R

Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto star in this creepy serial killer thriller from John Lee Hancock Jr that will please fans of 'Seven', and 'Silence of the Lambs'. A throwback that sees Deputy Sheriff Joe "Deke" Deacon joins forces with Sgt. Jim Baxter to search for a serial killer who's terrorizing Los Angeles.

Resident Alien

Syfy | S1, E1 | 44 min | TV-14

When an alien crashes on Earth and hides in a remote Colorado mountain town; after assuming the identity of the town doctor, his nefarious mission is threatened when he finds out one of the townspeople, a 9-year-old boy, can see his true alien form. To quote one YouTube commenter; "Alan Tudyk playing himself? Count me in!"

Some Kind of Heaven

TV app | Rental | 1 hr 23 min | Unrated

With Darren Aronofsky listed on the production credits I had to rent this new documentary currently screening in select theatres. Filmmaker Lance Oppenheim cracks the manicured facade of The Villages - a massive, self-contained retirement community located in Central Florida - which offers a fascinating look at the inhabitants of a wildly succesful utopian/dystopian experiment.

Apple Arcade Updates:

Amongst this week's Apple Arcade updates are a new mission from Agent Intercept titled 'Training Day' where your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to intercept a speeding arms shipment. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit has added a host of rewards, customisable options and new character unlocks. NUTS has gained some much needed quality of life improvements for those that struggled during the games launch last week and finally Card of Darkness, Jumper John and Warp Drive have implemented many small and minor bug fixes.

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

Losing Alice

Apple TV+ | S1, E1-3 | TV-MA

An erotic, psychological, Neo noir thriller inspired by Faust's tale - Sigal Avin's 'Losing Alice' follows forty-eight-year-old film director Alice as she becomes obsessed with a 24-year-old screenwriter femme fatale, Sophie, and eventually surrenders her moral integrity in order to achieve power, relevance and success. The Israeli thriller is presented in Hebrew with English subtitles.  

Nuts - A Surveillance Mystery

Apple Arcade | Simulation | 9+

Joining Apple Arcade this week is Noodlecake's 'Nuts - A Surveillance Mystery'. Sporting an incredibly cool low-fi art style, the game sees you play the role of a rookie field researcher, placing cameras during the day and watching footage at night as you track the movements of a scurry of untrustworthy squirrels.

Spire Blast

Apple Arcade | Puzzle | 4+

Orbital Knight's physic based match puzzler already has me addicted mere hours into my playthrough. You control a dragon that launches projectiles in an effort to blast towers across the land having you compete with up to 11 players in a chase for high-scores. Highly recommended!  


Apple TV+ | S2, E2 | 26 min | TV-MA

After last week saw the M.Night Shyamalan thriller register more than twice its original audience, follow up episode 'Spaceman' sees Sean and Julian uncover disturbing details about the Church of the lesser Saints as Dorothy sacrifices her career reputation, prioritising her family.  


Apple TV+ | S2, E5 | 27 min |TV-14

'Forbidden Fruit a flavor has' marks the half-way point of 'Dickinson's second season. Emily learns that Sam plans to publish her poem all the while beginning to embrace becoming his latest discovery as she attends one of Sue's salons.

Other Apple TV Highlights:


TV App | Rental | 1 hr 46 min | Unrated

Award-winning editor and director Sam Pollard lays out a detailed account of the FBI surveillance that dogged Martin Luther King's activism throughout the '50s and '60s led by J.Edgar Hoover. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr may be remembered today as an American hero but this documentary atests to the fact that true progress is long-fought and hard-won.

UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2

ESPN+ | MMA | PPV | January 23rd

Justin Poirier and Conor McGregor compete in a light-weight bout seven years after competing at feather-weight in which McGregor was the victor in devastating fashion. A stacked card showcasing a number of light-weight fighters who are eyeing a championship opportunity following the retirement of former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Live from the Etihad Arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Pixar Popcorn

Disney+ | 10 Shorts | TV-PG

This collection of 10 bite-sized shorts features characters from Pixar favourites like “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” “Cars” and “The Incredibles” in all-new, bite-size stories created by Pixar Animation Studios’ talented animators. Funny and engaging, these are the perfect inbetweens to add to your up next queue during family movie night.

Painting With John

HBO | S1, E1 | TV-14

Painter, actor, director, producer and Grammy nominated musician John Lurie returns to television for the first time since 1991's 'Fishing With John' in another unscripted mini-series as he reflects on all manner of subjects whilst painting watercolours. John's dry humour was the clincher for making this weeks list. “I felt I should use this beautiful moment to say something poetic, but I don’t have anything. So just imagine I’m saying something poetic...”

The White Tiger

Netflix | 2 hr 5 min | R

Based on the bestselling novel, this searing satire on modern India follows an ambitious driver for a rich Indian family who uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and become an entrepreneur. Slumdog Millionaire this is not, offering a host of contradictory feelings and outlooks. A must watch.

Apple Arcade Updates:

This weeks Apple Arcade updates detailed soon...

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases


Apple TV+ | S2, E1 | 26 min | TV-MA

M.Night Shyamalan's brooding, darkly comedic thriller returns for more twists and turns with its second season. It really doesnt feel safe to say anything about my favourite Apple TV+ show's first season for fear of spoiling even a second for those who have yet to succumb to the show's cult-like status. Recently renewed for a third season, there's no doubt in my mind that there will be yet more questions asked than answers given. French director Julia Ducournau ('Raw') takes the helm for the seasons opening half hour titled 'Doll'.


Apple TV+ | S2, E4 | 32 min |TV-14

Following it's glorious season 2 debut last week, Emily Dickinson returns with the wonderfully titled 'The Daisy follows soft the Sun'. After some time without news from Sam, Emily begins to suffer from writer’s block. To rediscover her inspiration, she ventures into the landscape.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

Promising Young Woman

TV App | Rental | 1 hr 53 min | R

The directorial debut of the magnificently named Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve) comes in the form of a rape-revenge thriller with a blackly comic underbelly. Starring Carey Mulligan in her funniest and equally scariest role as a woman on the hunt. While still early on in the awards season, Promising Young Woman has already taken over 40 nominations and 8 awards from various critics associations from around the globe.


Disney+ | S1, E1-2 | TV-PG

Disney debuts its first Marvel Cinematic Universe episodic television series and it's anything but what you've come to expect; imaginative, experimental and straight up weird comedy. Wanda sports reality-bending and telekinetic powers, whereas Vision is a robot who can fly and both struggle to keep up appearances for the neighbours!

One Night in Miami...

Prime Video | 1 hr 54 min | R

Adapted from a stage play by Kemp Powers which fictionalizes the night of Feb. 25th, 1964, in Miami, where Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcom X discuss the responsibility of being successful black men during the civil rights movement. The film is already receiving high praise for Regina King's direction, performances from its lead cast; Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Aldis Hodge, Leslie Odom Jr. and its screenplay.


App Store | AirPlay | Adventure | 17+

This interactive thriller from Flavourworks comes to iOS following success on PlayStation. Whilst its dissapointing to see yet another console title skip on a direct port to Apple TV you miss this gem of a game at your peril. A cryptic story with incredible writing, crisp cinematography and a mesmerizing score from Austin Wintory. Erica is free to try with a $2.99 full game unlock.

Search Party

HBO Max | S4, E1-3 | TV-MA

Comedy turned psychological thriller, the show's fourth season explores themes of murder, grief and trauma whilst also taking a satirical look at showbiz and the media. Following three seasons of stress-induced circumstance culminating in a court-room drama, sometimes boyfriend Drew, Chip and Portia move on with their lives, unaware that Dory is trapped in a basement by an obsessed stalker.

Locked Down

HBO Max| 1 hr 58 min | R

If you've ever stopped for a moment during this rotten last 12 months and thought about planning a heist, the latest HBO Max streaming/theatrical release is for you. Set in London, this heist drama rom-com starring Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor reminds us all that sometimes to survive lockdown we all have to go a little crazy from time to time.

Apple Arcade Updates:

Beyond a Steel Sky

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 12 +

Developer Revolution Software has made a number of improvements to the games controls, stability and improved performance on Apple TV HD. An added bonus comes in the form of a special commentary from visionary Charles Cecil and the team.

Dear Reader

Apple Arcade | Puzzle | 12 +

This wonderful puzzler that turns your favourite books into clever world puzzles, including 88 literary classics has rolled out a number of improvements including Apple's new Access Point interface for getting to Game Center quickly and some small text edits and tweaks.

Lego Brawls

Apple Arcade | Action | 9 +

This lighthearted team action brawler entered a brand new season this week with a new western-influenced theme with new mini-figs to unlock along with a new weekly ranking system for each and every level.

Little Orpheus

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 4 +

Ivan Ivanovich returns in brand new episode 'A Rush Of Onion To The Head’. This time Ivan regales his hairy compatriot, Laika, about his journey through the mythical cloud city of Perun.

Marble Knights

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 9 +

One of the best multiplayer games on Apple Arcade adds two new mini games for 1-4 player action. Players can experience a new spin on 2-on-2 basketball in O.R.B. Jam whilst you can now also cooperate or compete with other players to knock down 100 pins in bowling!

Reigns Beyond

Apple Arcade | Card | 12 +

Devolver Digital have been listening to feedback from players of their intergalactic indie rock card game, delivering a number of welcome improvements; easier and less frequent spaceship fights, new unlockable objectives and the dreaded speakers curse now removed.

Speed Demons

Apple Arcade | Racing | 12 +

Infuriating difficult at times, Radiangames 'Speed Demons' can now thankfully restore games from version 1.3 and previous versions as-well-as restore deleted game saves from version 1.4.2 and later. A new retro-style control system has also been added allowing for relative steering.

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

Each week Apple offers a mix of original Movies, TV Shows, Music and Arcade experiences available across all your screens - allowing you to pick-up where you left off. Here's our run down of what to add to your Up Next queue and gaming backlogs this week.


Apple Developer App | June 22 - 26 | NR

Apple offer a glipse into the future of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS with its annual World Wide Developers Conference. As per tradition this years online-only event kicks off with Apple's Opening Keynote on June 22nd, shortly followed by a Platform State of the Union, then starting June 23rd technical and design-focused sessions will be published each day at 10 am PT. Apple TV users can catch the week of events in full via the Apple Developer app.

Visit Screen Times throughout the week for our indepth WWDC Apple TV/tvOS coverage.


Apple TV+ | 1 hr 20 min | TV-14

The directorial feature-length debut from Bryce Dallas Howard - produced by father Ron Howard - explores contemporary fatherhood through testimonies and wisdom from famous funny men, combining those antidotes with portraits of non-celebrity dads from around the world - including Brazil, Japan and the United States.

Central Park

Apple TV+ | S1, E5 | 24 min | TV-14

The ominously titled 'Dog Spray Afternoon' is the latest episode from this hilarious animated musical. Owen grapples with a graffiti artist and Helen plots against Bitsy's dog, Shampagne.

Other Apple TV Highlights:


NetFlix | 1 hr 40 min | TV-MA

Laverne Cox's heartfelt documentary explores experiences of leading trans creatives and thinkers as they open up with their perspectives and analysis regarding Hollywood's historical impact on the trans community.

General Magic

Showtime | 1 hr 32 min | NR

This 2018 documentary recounts the story of one of history's most talented technology teams. From the first smartphones to social media, e-commerce, eBay and emojis, the ideas that now dominate the tech industry were born at General Magic, a 1989 Silicon Valley start-up. WWDC week seems as good a time as any to watch this truly inspiring work.

Love, Victor

Hulu | 10 episodes | TV-14

Inspired and set in the same world as 2018 hit movie 'Love, Simon', this story of self-discovery tackles challenges at home along with the struggle to adjust to new surroundings whilst being true to ones self and their sexual orientation.

Perry Mason

HBO | S1, E1 |  June 21 | TV-MA

Beautfully shot new series 'Perry Mason' sees a child kidnapping gone very, very wrong, as the detective is in relentless pursuit of the truth in this slow-brooding tale of redemption. Perry Mason fans should expect to wait until the mid-way point of the season for the court-room drama synonymous with the character.

Search Party: Season 3

HBO Max | S3, E1 |  June 25 | TV-MA

Revived after a two year hiatus, the comedy centres around four self-absorbed 20-something hipsters whose friendships corrode under the pressure of covering up a semi-accidental murder. If you have never seen this show before, be sure to watch the highly bingeable first two seasons on HBO Max before season 3 comes around.

Apple Arcade Updates:

Agent Intercept

Apple Arcade | Action | 12 +

The secret agent game full of fast cars continues to see frequent updates. Users now have reason to play every day with new Daily Crisis, along with new mission 'Loose Cannons'. Survive CLAW villains within in a winter-esque scene and play this game before it selfs destructs in 3,2,1...

Over the Alps

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 12 +

The debut game from Stave Studios sees you stay undercover in this Hitchcockian World War Two spy thriller. Already at version 2.0, this beautiful stylised game adds a story expansion called 'King of the Mountain' where you take on the role of a new spy as she takes on the 1939 Swiss Grand Prix. This game is as watchable as it is playable.

PAC-MAN Party Royale

Apple Arcade | Casual | 4 +

Bandai Namco's reimagining of this classic has seen a lot of improvements since its debut on Apple Arcade last year. It's latest update includes two new powerups, a new character, fifteen new mazes and some gameplay refinements. There's more than enough here to give players a reason to give this game another go.

The Pinball Wizard

Apple Arcade | Casual | 4 +

Easily one of the most original takes on Pinball in recent memory, Frosty Pop's dungeon crawler 'The Pinball Wizard' adds a new save paradigm, a new endless dungeon with multiple rooms and more. Frustrating at times but rewarding, this game will have you stroking your beard like the title character, whether you have one of not.

Sigmund Judge

Up Next: This Week's Apple TV Releases

Each week Apple offers a mix of original Movies, TV Shows, Music and Arcade experiences available across all your screens - allowing you to pick-up where you left off. Here's our run down of what to add to your Up Next queue, music playlists and gaming backlogs this week.

Little Orpheus

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 4 +

This side scrolling comedy platformer from Sumo Digital and The Chinese Room ('Dear Esther' and 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture') is set in a remote corner of Siberia where you control a Soviet cosmonaut who is dropped into a strange world full of surprise and discovery. This is one of a number of big-hitters releasing in the coming weeks on Apple Arcade - jumping right to the top of our must play recommendations.  

Sara Bareilles - Little Voice (From the Apple TV+ Original Series 'Little Voice')

Apple Music | 2:20

The first new material from Sara Bareilles since 2019's 'Amidst the Chaos' also just happens to be the theme for the new Bad Robot production 'Little Voice' coming to Apple TV+ next month.

Central Park

Apple TV+ | S1, E4 | 25 min | TV-PG

Titled 'Garbage Ballet', the latest episode of this quirky animated musical series sees Paige hunt a rat, Owen battle trash in the park, and Molly obsess over her disastrous first kiss.

Oprah's Book Club

Apple TV+ | S1, E5 | 52 min | TV-PG

This month's book club sees Oprah get in-depth with author Robert Kolker and surviving members of the Galvin family about their extraordinary true story that inspired this months pick - 'Hidden Valley Road'.

Other Apple TV Highlights:

AFI Docs Fest

AirPlay | $8 - $50 | June 17th - 21st

Upcoming Apple TV+ documentary 'Boys State'

Showcasing the best in documentary programming from the US and around the globe, AFI DOCS will be a fully digital affair this year. The film festival will open with the premieres of upcoming TV+ documentaries 'Boys State' and 'Dads' which will be followed by panels detailing both projects. More information can be found here.

Artemis Fowl

Disney+ | 1 hr 35 min | PG

This Disney+ original feature sees 12-year-old 'Artemis Fowl' - a genius and descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds  - battle with a powerful race of underground fairies as he looks to uncover the whereabouts of his father. One for kids of all ages.

Da 5 Bloods

NetFlix | 2 hr 35 min | R

Spike Lee's latest joint sees four African American vets battle the forces of man and nature as they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of their fallen squad leader and the gold fortune he helped them hide.


ABC | S1, E1 | 42 min | TV-14

This hilarious and highly sarcastic Ryan Reynolds produced game show hosted by Adam Scott rewards contestants for what they don't do. “Don’t Turn the Car Around,” “Don’t Play Ball in the House,” “Don’t Beat Yourself Up,” Don’t Be Shocked”,“Don’t Look Back”. Don't miss this?

The King of Staten Island

Apple TV App | Rent | $19.99 |  2 hr 17 min | R

This semi-autobiographical comedy-drama from Judd Apatow follows tattoo artist Pete Davidson as he grows up in Staten Island following the loss of his father during 9/11.

English Premier League

Various | Sport | From June 17th

Credit: Getty Image

Englands top-flight football league restarts this week on NBC Sports in the US and through a host of broadcasters across the UK. The English top flight will play its remaining 92 fixtures behind closed doors beginning with two games on Wednesday 17th June. The first set of fixtures will broadcast for free in the UK across Sky (NOW TV), Amazon (Prime Video), BT Sport and the BBC (iPlayer).

Apple Arcade Updates:

Doomsday Vault

Apple Arcade | Adventure | 4 +

Developer Flightless brings new Challenge levels to its platform puzzler. Set on a dilapidated planet Earth your mission is to collect precious remaining plant life and return it to the safety of the Doomsday Vault.  

Speed Demons

Apple Arcade | Racing | 12 +

Radiangames ultimate highway racing simulator adds new Grand Prix chapters and over 60 new events, along with reduced star and level reqirements and other minor tweaks and fixes. Be warned, this incredible game is addictive!


Apple Arcade | Puzzle | 4 +

This highly original puzzle painter game from Lykkeguard Europe will leave you in a state of zen. Coincidentally its own Zen Mode sees new levels added to its watercolor loop along with a restart button for completed levels which can be solved in a myriad of ways.

Towers of Everland

Apple Arcade | Role Playing | 9 +

Released just weeks ago, this fun dungeon crawler from Cobra Mobile sees a small update including tweaks that iron out certain kinks within its online gameplay. Highly recommended to those searching for games to emulate the traditional console experience on Apple TV.