Sky have announced a new update to their Sky Go app for subscribers to their UK television service. The new update includes an improved user interface, accessibility features and access to Sky Q DVR recordings.

The updated app will rollout in phases to iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android, PC and Amazon Fire hardware – disappointingly, Sky have given no indication that an Apple TV app is in the works.

The new UI features one-touch access to Home, TV guide, Browse, Downloads and Recordings. The app introduces new personalised recommendations to Sky Cinema subscribers based on viewing history whilst Sky Q recordings will be limited to Sky Q Multiscreen customers. In addition, downloads require a Sky Go Extra subscription.

Sky have also announced a renewed focus on accessibility. Visually impaired customers can now navigate the app with less effort thanks to an improved video player and voice over navigation features.

We hope Sky continue to improve both Sky Go and Now TV apps with future Apple TV app and Apple TV channels integration. Whilst the wait continues for a native Sky Go Apple TV app we have had previous success screen-mirroring Sky Go content to Apple TV via Mac.

Press Release:

Sky TV customers can easily watch their favourite shows, movies, sports and now their recordings with the release of the brand-new Sky Go app.
The new app combines the existing Sky Q and Sky Go app features, allowing customers to watch their favourite tear jerkers, nail biting sports matches and gripping dramas, from Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and more in a single, easy-to-use experience, both at home and away.
The app’s new design and features include:
Simple, one-touch destinations in a new UI including Home, TV Guide, Browse, Downloads and Recordings, helping customers find what they want to watch quickly and easily on any device
A ‘Browse’ page aggregating content by theme and genre from all channels on Sky Go
Personalised Sky Cinema recommendations – suggesting movies based on genre, ‘Because you watched’ and, ‘More like this’
A Recordings page where Sky Q customers can view and control upcoming recordings and series links
Enhanced accessibility and better navigation features to make it easier for visually impaired customers to use the app. The video player has been improved so that they can now pause and skip the videos. Voiceover lets customers hear a description of everything they click on, font size can be increased without losing functionality and colours can be inverted for greater contrast
The new Sky Go app will be available this summer on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices and Amazon app store as well as on PC and MAC. Customers will be able to update their existing app, or download the new version from the Google Play, Apple and Amazon app stores for free.
Sky Mobile customers can also take advantage of unlimited streaming of Sky shows, movies and sports on Sky Go with Sky Mobile Watch, which enables streaming on the go anywhere in the UK and EU, without using any data allowance.

Sky’s à la carte subscription service 'Now TV' is available on Apple TV in the UK.