One of gamings most touching and beautiful achievements, Journey easily holds a spot in my top 5 favourite games of all time. The exploration puzzler tells the story of a traveler and his journey as you cross many dangerous landscapes.

Journey truly redefined what games could be with its launch on PlayStation 3 seven years ago. Forgoing many gaming tropes your goal is to guide the unnamed traveler toward the shiny mountain in the distance.

From its unique art-style and online mechanics to it’s Austin Wintory soundtrack, Journey will charm newcomers and suck existing fans back in.

Published for iOS by Annapurna Interactive, this release has been made specifically for touch input; with the omission of MFi controller support meaning a Apple TV release in the near future looks unlikely. Despite that, I still highly recommend sharing this phenomenal game’s experience with others on the big screen through AirPlay.

Journey – $4.99 – is available now on the App Store, requiring iOS 12.2 or later with a 1.1GB download.

Sky: Children of the Light – thatgamecompany’s latest work – is expected to release on Apple TV in the coming months.