Apple TV+ have bought the rights to all 96 classic episodes of 80's live action childrens show "Fraggle Rock" - now available on the TV+ app

Apple had already funded a set of shorts from Jim Henson's creations. Called "Fraggle Rock: Rock On!" the production began at the performers homes, filmed on iPhones and released on Apple TV+ in recent weeks.

Now the company have announced that it has ordered a season of full episodes for its fledgling streaming service, following the classic HBO seasons now added to the Apple TV+ content roster.  

According to a report by Vulture, Apple may be looking to purchase the rights to more shows recently rebooted by Apple in recent months. Those shows include "Amazing Stories", "Ghostwriter" and previous seasons of upcoming TV+ show, "Long Way Up", a follow-up to the Ewan McGregor lead travel shows "Long Way Down" and "Long Way Round".

The new "Fraggle Rock" series will be produced by the Jim Henson Company with Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford onboard as executive producers with longtime Henson collaborator and Fraggle Rock puppeteer John Tartaglia also set to produce. Original series puppeteers Dave Goelz and Karen Prell are said to be onboard for the re-introduction of one of my childhood favourites.  

In related news "Party Down in Fraggle Rock!" released earlier today. The "Fraggle Rock: Rock On!" series finale features a jam session with Neil Patrick Harris, Tiffany Haddish, Ziggy Marley and Alanis Morisette among others. Available for free on the TV app.