A little later than usual, Apple today introduced their yearly update to the iPhone line; the 12 series.
Last year saw the first ‘Pro’ line even though there wasn’t really much ‘Pro’ about them. This year, however, they’ve made up for it.
I’ll be doing a full article on this later in the week but here are some key points you need to know:

  • New LIDAR sensor. This allows for portrait shots - at night!
  • Speaking of which; night mode is now on all 4 (yes, even the front-facing) cameras.
  • LIDAR also means 6x faster autofocus in low light and improved and more accurate portrait mode
  • Telephoto camera on the Pro Max can zoom in closer than iPhone 11 Pro
  • Optical zoom is up to 2.5x for the Pro Max from 2x on the iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • 7 element wide lens - up from 6 - means cleaner, crisper photos and videos.
  • Smart HDR3 brings better AI created refinements, including better low light shots and reductions on skin smoothing.
  • Introduction of ProRAW. A feature that includes Apple’s computational adjustments while keeping the original RAW data in the shot for pro image editing.


  • Much improved image stabilisation (this also applies to photos).
  • 4K Dolby Vision 60fps video recording with 60 times more colours captured. You can even do this with the front-facing camera!
  • You can also edit in Dolby Vision on the iPhone! Meaning you could shoot and edit a whole studio-quality movie on your iPhone!
  • New ability to take time-lapse shots in night mode.

These are the top-level features I’ve noticed. If I’ve missed any let me know on Twitter.

I’ll be back later in the week with a full article. In the meantime, check out Apple’s iPhone pages for more info including the new design and new ‘MagSafe’ feature.