SteelSeries have announced availability of their new MFi certified Nimbus+ wireless gaming controller. Much like the original Nimbus released in 2015, Nimbus+ is specifically designed for Apple devices adding some improvements to the original.

The new model offers two dedicated menu buttons, "new Hall effect magnetic triggers", clickable analogue sticks and an additional ten hours of play over the original - charging once again via lightning port for added convenience.

The Nimbus+ is only the second MFi (made for iOS) controller  to take advantage of clickable analogue sticks since the spec became available to manufacturers following the release of iOS 12.1 in Sep 2018.

While many owners of dedicated games consoles will likely use their PlayStation or Xbox controllers to game on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS, it should be noted that MFi controllers are validated by Apple for superior connection and lower latency. If you're like me and enjoy competitive games, the Nimbus+ may be your best bet.

The Nimbus+ wireless gaming controller comes packed with a iPhone mount for on-the-go gaming and can now be purchased for $69.95 from Apple retail or direct from SteelSeries on May 26th.