The Ruderman Family Foundation has included Apple TV original 'See' amongst those honored with its “Seal of Authentic Representation.” The honor recognizes films and television series that demonstrate a commitment toward inclusiveness in popular culture.

Cast members Bree Klauser and Marilee Talkington are both legally blind and play characters in a series set in a dystopian future where sight is nothing more than a herecy, until twins Haniwa and Kofun are born.

The groundbreaking series had an extra-focus on realism, thanks to the projects associate producer and blindness consultant Joseph A. Strechay who advised on everything from the shows writing and performances to on set inclusivity.

Season one of Apple original 'See' is now available to stream. Season 2 will reportedly resume production in the coming weeks.  

Thanks to Steven Aquino for drawing our attention to this story.