This is Screen Times. A love letter to Apple TV.

Health was the major reason for the extended hiatus but following positive results and a mix of recuperation and (a little) procrastination I’m happy to be back with a new site and a small team of writers who you’ll be introduced to over the coming days and weeks.

Since the launch of Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ at the tail end of last year, Apple TV has become so much more than that tvOS powered little black box that could. Apple TV is no longer just a glorified store-front. It’s a platform for creatives to showcase stories that inspire bigger ideas.

Good storytelling has and will always be a necessity. It’s a way for us to find comfort, to find meaning, to laugh, to cry. In strange times the window through which we escape together isn’t necessarily the cure to the biggest problems but it does offer a reminder that we’re not alone - even isolation.

Whether you’re coding or scripting, watching or playing, Screen Times is dedicated to you.