Rasmus Enger Larsen, founder and editor in chief of FlatPanelsHD has published a short video bitrate analysis for Apple’s newly launched streaming video subscription service. In testing a handful of titles his results showed that Apple TV+ currently deliver the highest 4K streaming quality seen so far beating out most iTunes movies.

Whilst Enger Larson plans to do more analysis in the future his research revealed that Apple TV+ content uses variable bitrate with a wide range.

Larson notes that ‘SEE’ had the highest bitrate so far seen with Apple delivering an 29 Mb/s average video bitrate peaking at 41 Mb/s. ‘The Elephant Queen’ averaged at around 26 Mb/s for video bitrate. For comparison, Netflix deliver 4K video that peaks at just 16Mb/s.

With regard to physical media, Apple TV+ streams deliver approximately 1.5-2x the video bitrate of a typical HD Blu-ray disc or half the bitrate of a UHD Blu-ray disc.