Apple released the first 3 episodes of Dickinson season 2 on Apple TV+ yesterday and the reviews are in.

With a score of 81 on Metacritic, reviewers have been quick to praise the shows increase in quality and more confident character development.

Here’s a selection:


You have an emotional rollercoaster that is evocative in the way few other TV shows can hope to reach; but one that is well worth riding. Emily and Sue aren’t the only stand-out characters this season, which finds every member of the cast struggling with growing up in different ways.

Paste Magazine:

Season 2 gives Hailee Steinfeld even more to work with: namely, the question of fame, and whether or not it’s dangerous to seek it out; and also the question of love, and whether or not the world needs or deserves to know where your heart lives

The Hollywood Reporter:

No longer solely relying on dizzying tonal juxtapositions, the series flourishes in ten-episode Season 2 thanks to this revamped balance between 21st-century absurdity and 19th-century poignancy.

Rolling Stone:

Emily remains a more vibrant character than everyone else, so the push to expand the prominence of the ensemble has mixed comedic results. And her hunger for recognition, no matter the cost, simply isn’t as visceral as her desire for Sue... Dickinson is the same show it already was, slightly less in some areas, slightly more in others.


And yet, for all of its faults, “Dickinson” has charm to spare. It’s uneven, yes, but often in a way that grabs your attention if its wandered to, say, your phone or Twitter or TikTok. It’s a delightfully kooky universe to inhabit and among the most gorgeous-looking shows currently airing. It is imperfect and strange and easy to love.

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