Announced at WWDC 2018 as part of tvOS 12 – home control system integration – including HomeKit and Siri – will soon be made available to Crestron customers.

Through a software and firmware update expected this week, Crestrons TSR-310 handheld touch-screen remote will be the first in its category to adopt Apple TV, Siri and HomeKit control.

Crestron’s TSR-310 is a great alternative for the Siri Remote. With a price tag of $1000, Crestron customers can control multiple Apple TVs through either voice control or the remote’s integrated three inch touch display.

Todays announcement in full:

Available now via Crestron SIMPL Windows programming software for 3-Series® controllersThis enhanced partnership gives you the power to take your clients’ user experience and lifestyle to new heights with: IP Control:The ability to browse Apple TV content with lightning-fast IP control via the award-winning TSR-310 touch screen remoteVoice Control via Siri: Have Siri find specific content for you with a simple press of the microphone button on the TSR-310 remote and voice command. How to get started
The SIMPL Windows release is available now:
Make sure you are running the Device Database or later
For the TSR-310 make sure you are running the latest software and firmware posted here
For 3-Series control systems, visit the corresponding product pages to download the latest software and firmware
Sample programs can be found here
The device and Crestron databases, will enable this functionality in SIMPL Windows. After updating the firmware you can use the built-in help file to program HomeKit® integration. Refer to the provided documentation for guidance on how to integrate these modules into your programs.
The Apple certified 3-Series SIMPL Windows firmware update will include:
Support for 3-Series control systems to enable these new features
SIMPL Windows module and TSR-310 extender, with documentation on how to make these new features work in SIMPL Windows
Ability to:
Control Apple TV with TSR-310
Securely connect TSR-310 and HomeKit
Control multiple Apple TV units via TSR-310, linked by their device names
Route voice via TSR-310 microphone to currently selected Apple TV, once correctly connected in SIMPL Windows
For control via other devices including the HR-310, touch screens, or mobile app, you will need to provide a secondary means of control such as IR or CEC.

The Crestron TSR-310 is available for purchase through certified commercial dealers.