9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo has the exclusive details:

Any current customers with free trials set to end in the February to June period will now see those subscription renewals pushed out to July. Similarly, customers with an annual subscription that expires between February and June will also get the same additional months of service at no additional charge. Apple will notify all eligible customers of the extension via email in the next couple of weeks. Like last time, the company will be compensating existing subscribers with credit refunds.

Apple One bundle customers will also see their accounts credited, though its unclear right now if that will be for the full $4.99 per month - the amount associated with an individual subscription.

Update 1/30: Apple are now sending emails to Apple One subscribers informing them that they will also receive $4.99 per month in store credit through June. Thank you to Jordan for the tip.

All in all this is fantastic news for Apple TV+ and its subscribers, giving customers more free access, whilst giving Jamie Elricht, Zack van Amburg and company more time to expand upon an already captivating catalogue of entertainment in a time which has seen sets open and close with regularity due to the current global pandemic.