Deadline are reporting that Apple have began work on an adaptation of Keshet International’s Hebrew-language TV show thriller, ‘False Flag.

This is the second Keshet series Apple will be adapting for Apple TV+ after it emerged last year work had began on a remake of Nevelot starring Richard Gere following an abandoned adaptation for HBO by Happy Madison.

Included in their article is a brief summary of the shows first season:

“The first season of the drama, which first aired on Israel’s Channel 2 in 2015, tells the story of five people, who wake up one morning to find themselves implicated in a ruthless kidnapping operation following the disappearance of the Iranian Defence Minister. As news bulletins repeatedly broadcast their names and photos, their attempts at denial are all in vain – the coverage sweeps them up in a maelstrom of publicity. At first, everyone is convinced that Mossad was behind the operation – but then the five civilians are stunned to discover that the government, which is supposed to protect them, as well as Mossad itself, denies all involvement and accuses them as suspects. Instead of helping them, the authorities persecute, investigate and point fingers, and even their loved ones begin to doubt their innocence.”

False Flag - Original Israel Series Trailer

False Flag was an award winner and received distribution internationally:

“The original series, which won the Grand Prize at Series Mania and launched at Berlinale and was produced by Tender Productions, aired via Hulu in the U.S. and on Fox International Channels across its global portfolio of networks.