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Sigmund Judge

An Apple, Movie and TV obsessive, I began covering Apple TV shortly after tvOS was unveiled in 2015 on YouTube. Apple has also been the one true constant in my professional life, during which I've been incredibly fortunate to have worked across three industries that I have a deep passion for. I toured with bands in the early 2000's, worked across film, television and red carpets in the 2010's and now help teach, fix, build and consult on technology for a living.

As well as my writing, you can hear me host the Screen Times podcast.

You can email me at or if thats to old fashioned, you can find me at @sigjudge on Twitter where you can also subscribe to @screentimesnet.


Del Pugh is an editor for Screen Times. Formerly at EA and SEGA - he also writes the occasional Apple Arcade feature.

Carlos Ricoo is the Screen Times videographer. He treats our eyes and blows our minds. Learn more by visiting plus twelve

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